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Client Testimonials

First Home Closing

I recently worked with Ben and Jude to buy my first condo. I originally had a contract on one condo - which fell through because of financing issues with the building. Ben and Jude worked to get me out of that contract and my earnest money returned to me with no hassle. 
I then acquired a contract on a second condo, which was a new construction project. The developer had a contract with several questionable provisions, which they tried to negotiate to my favor. One provision, a $100/day penalty for closing after the scheduled date, was not negotiable. However, when I needed more time because of financing delays, they were able to secure an extension, and I did not have to pay the penalty. 

Overall, Ben and Jude both made me feel at ease during this process. They do not act like "typical" lawyers who huff and puff - they break things down and make it easy to understand without being condescending. I did not purchase a very expensive condo, and despite the relatively low fee that Ben and Jude charged, I never felt as if I were an unimportant client. 

I would recommend Ben and Jude to anyone, and especially first time homebuyers. It is reassuring to know you have people in your corner!

– Leanne

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